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NCE Power Boosters

5 Amp DB-5 Power Booster with Power Supply

NCE DB5 Power Booster

MSRP $179.95
Your PriceĀ  $144.00

5 Amp DCS-100 Command Station or Power Booster

NCE PB110A Power Booster

MSRP $269.95
Your PriceĀ  $216.00

This is a true 5 Amp booster compatible with all NCE and most other DCC systems. Includes an internationally approved 13.8v/12v 5 Amp Power Supply.
10 Amp Power Booster recommended for O, G and other large scales. The PB-110A provides true 10 Amps of continuous power to your track. Enough to handle MUs of the largest locomotives.