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A Note from a customer:
To: Paul Lator <>
Subject: Peco
Date: Sep 25, 2007 7:14 AM
I selected N scale Peco code 55 track and switches on your recommendation about a year ago.  I now have one of the lines operational on my newest layout and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am.  The track allows very smooth slow operation, the best I have seen, and none of the wheels on my rolling stock have had to be changed.  I have not even added a track bus and feeder wires to the far side of the layout yet.  By mounting the switches on an inch of foam sub-roadbed, the switch machines can be mounted above the hollow core door that holds the layout.  This makes it simple, portable and light, with only some wiring taped to the bottom of the door.     Thanks for the recommendation.


Why should you use Peco Track?

What is the most important item on your railroad? THE TRACK!  If your track system is not reliable and durable your railroad will not operate properly. How many times has your track failed you, you keep hitting the table to get your locomotives to run or you get constant derailments at switches due to poor switch design.  Or lets say you need a curve switch and the company you buy switches from in the past does not make one, well Peco Track Systems can solve many of these problems for you. 
Peco produces have a very large variety of switch types and rail sizes.  The track systems are durable and will give you many years of service.  Peco switches are known for their positive motion that keeps the point rails (the rails that move) tight against the main rails.  This feature insures your trains will not derail or pick the switch.  The switch points are spring loaded, so when you move the switch to either the siding or the main line the spring will hold the rails securely in place.  We have tried many other brands of track systems on our layouts and have been extremely satisfied with the quality, durability and variety of switches and track available from Peco.
Peco track is engineered to British Railroad standards. You will notice a very slight difference in the tie spacing from American tie spacing.  Once you have laid the track and put the ballast in place the difference is hardly noticeable.

What does Electrofrog mean?
The designation Electrofrog means the frog is made of metal and conducts electricity. The polarity of the frog is determined by the direction the point rail is set, either to the mainline or the siding.  This type of switch is also known as power routing.  See the diagram above for the location of the frog and point rails.
What does Insulfrog mean?
The designation Insulfrog means the frog is made of plastic and does NOT conduct electricity. This switch is DCC Frendly! The polarity of the frog rails are not effected by the direction of the point rail.   This type of switch is also known as Non-Power Routing.  See the diagram above for the location of the frog and point rails.
What does Code mean?
This is the height of the rail above the cross tie. The Code is measured in 1/1000 of an inch above the cross tie.  The larger the number the taller the rail is. (i.e. Code 55 rail = .0.055 inches)
How to wire the Peco SLE-383F Scissor Switch (X-Over)
Scissors1Wiring.jpg (214009 bytes)
How to wire the Peco SLE-390F Double Slip Switch
Double Slip Wireing.jpg (60482 bytes)


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